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 Haveged can create a good random pool on headless Haveged can create a good random pool on headless
 [[http://​​haveged/​|http://​​haveged/​]] [[http://​​haveged/​|http://​​haveged/​]]
 +On RHEL7, haveged is not part of default tools, but you can use rngd from rng-tools
 Reference: Reference:
 [[http://​​index.php/​2009/​02/​20/​oracle-11g-jdbc-driver-hangs-blocked-by-devrandom-entropy-pool-empty/​]] [[http://​​index.php/​2009/​02/​20/​oracle-11g-jdbc-driver-hangs-blocked-by-devrandom-entropy-pool-empty/​]]
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