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 and mount the LVM to your mount point. and mount the LVM to your mount point.
 +Note this works if you're just going to add one disk from the VM (and the machine has never been cloned). ​ If you're dealing with clones you'll have to do a bit more work.  The issue is that that LVM volume ID may be the same as well as the blkid. ​ The blkid being the same is only an issue if you want to export the disk via NFS.
 +So before you mount the disk, I've found it is a good practice it import it.
 +First, check to see what disks were added by the bus scan:
 +And check for the latest disk adds.  Then you'll want to import it
 +<​code>​vgimportclone -n <new volume group name> <list of disks eg /dev/sdl /​dev/​sdm...></​code>​
 +At this point you can change the volume group to active
 +<​code>​vgchange -a y <​vg_name></​code>​
 +And mount the volume ​
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